School Equipment Finance

With ICT being such a vital part of today’s classroom, it’s important for Schools and Academies to keep their ICT infrastructure up to date with regular refreshes: –

The Benefits of an Operating Lease

  • Maximise value of equipment you can purchase within your budget
  • Supplier Independent
  • Ensure that your Students have easy access to technology
  • Upgrade equipment on regular cycles without penalty
  • Highly competitive Terms
  • Fully compliant with local authority guidelines on leasing for schools

Types of Equipment Financed:

  • Computers, Laptops, Laptop Trolleys
  • Interactive whiteboards, Digital Displays
  • Office equipment, Photocopiers, CCTV Systems
  • Networks and Telecoms
  • Cashless Catering
  • Audio Visual Systems
  • Studio and Radio Equipment
  • Sports and Playground equipment
  • Solar PV Panels
  • Biomass Boilers

Request a Quotation or contact our Education Specialists DarrenCaithlin or Trevor on 028 2565 6000.

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